The “birthplace of the rainbow,” Chincheros is known for its white colonial buildings and Inca ruins and artifacts. The ruins were once a resort and still possess a stone throne. The Spanish colonial church was built over the foundation of an Inca palace. The adobe bricks contrast sharply with the ornate golden interior and painted ceiling. The terraced walls beside the church are of Inca origin. There are also aqueducts and terraces built for farming. The produce that is grown on them today is sold at the market (hours are 7:00 am – 5:00 pm), where you’ll also see people bartering over rows of woven fabric. You can watch local villagers demonstrate how wool is washed, dyed, spun, and weaved. Near the Plazas de Armas, the Chincero Site Museum offers a look at Inca artifacts.

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Chinchero, Peru


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