Metropolitan Cathedral

The Metropolitan Cathedral is unusual, as far as religious buildings go. From the outside, it looks somewhat like a skyscraper shaped like a volcano. Inside, four stained-glass windows meet the glowing white cross at the top. On special occasions, the cathedral lights up with a solid, brilliant color. The architects were inspired by the Mayan pyramids in Mexico, although while it was being built in the 1960s, there were more than a few residents that didn’t think very much of it. Within its basement, the cathedral is also a fountain of learning in the Archive of the Metropolitan Curia and the Archdiocesan Museum of Sacred Art.

Metropolitan Cathedral


Av. República do Chile, 245

Hours of Operation:

Cathedral: Daily 7:00 am – 6:00 pm
Archive: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Museum: Wednesday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm, other days by reservation

Metropolitan Cathedral

To visit the Metropolitan Cathedral’s website click here

Phone: +55(21)2240-2669


Metropolitan Cathedral



Metropolitan Cathedral

Guided Tour Information

Purchase a R$20 ticket by the right bell tower and get a tour to the roof, which includes a bell ringing demonstration.

The Archives

The Archive of the Metropolitan Curia composes a socio-religious history of Brazil since the 17th century, containing records of members, both free and slaves, that provide an understanding of the Catholic church’s role socially and politically.

The Museum

The Museum of Sacred Art has more than 5,000 pieces such as paintings, furniture, books, silverware, porcelain, and sculptures in wood, clay, and ivory. It includes historical items such as a fourteenth century painting by Matteo Giovanini and a throne that belonged to Dom Pedro II, the last ruler of the Brazilian Empire.


Metropolitan Cathedral

What’s nearby? 

The Carioca Aqueduct was an 18th century aqueduct, now a bridge for the Santa Teresa Tramway. It crosses by the Metropolitan Cathedral and has a circular plaza in front of it.

The first Saturday of every month, the century-old street Lavradio hosts the Rio Antigo Fair (R. do Lavradio, 51-71 – Centro). It’s something between a flea market and antiques fair, offering items from furniture to clothes. Artists put on musical and dance performances and exhibit their art on a street lined with historic houses and antique shops.

Club Six (R. das Marrecas, 38 – Centro) is a nightclub with an eclectic combination of medieval style with modern music. It has three floors that play music to suit different tastes: hip-hop, samba, and techno. It’s also open during the day as a restaurant and bar.
Fundição Progresso (R. dos Arcos, 24 – Lapa) is awash in greens and blues on the outside, and just as colorful and culturally interesting on the inside. All through the year, it displays avant-garde exhibitions, concerts, and samba performances. Locals take classes in theatre, capoeira, dance, and yoga, and if you’re planning on spending a summer in Rio, you can too. Check the center’s website for information on exhibitions, performances, and classes:

Rio Scenarium (R. do Lavradio, 20 – Centro) is a multilevel bar, with dancing and live music on the first. While they serve food, they’re most popular for their upscale atmosphere and quirky, antique decor. It costs R$50 to get in, which is billed at the end of your experience, and reservations are suggested.

Carioca da Gema (Av. Mem de Sá, 79 – Centro) is a comfortable club in a two-story mansion. It plays a different live band every night and has a full menu. Make sure to reserve a table or come early, as the club is fairly small.


Metropolitan Cathedral

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Av. Chile, 245 - Centro, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20031-170, Brazil

Metropolitan Cathedral

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