Best of Germany & Austria

16 Days


  • Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Black Forest
  • Rhine Valley
  • Munich
  • Berchtesgaden: Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest
  • Dachau Concentration Camp
  • Bavaira
  • Salzburg
  • Vienna
  • Prague
  • Charles Bridge
  • Checkpoint Charlie
  • Berlin Wall Memorial
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Berliner Fernsehturm
  • Bratislava
  • Würzburg Residence

Best of Germany & Austria

16 Days


  • May-June, 2018


  • Tour Pricing: $3,595
  • Discount: 5% Returning Volant Customer


Germany & Austria Tour

16 Days


Today we will begin our tour of Germany’s vibrant capital. We will start our day at the ​Charlottenburg, the largest palace in Berlin. Next we will tour the ruins of Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and then will walk towards Tiergarten, one of the largest urban parks in all of Germany. After lunch we will make our way to the Reichstag building, a building famous for housing the German parliament. The dome and roof terrace of the Reichstag offers spectacular views of the city. From there we will make our way to view the enormous Brandenburg Gate. Depending on time we will have the opportunity to view the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and possibly even stroll through Potsdamer Platz, a square at the heart of Berlin’s history.


Our second day in Germany will begin at the East Side Gallery, where will get up close to the infamous Berlin Wall. From there we will take public transportation to Checkpoint Charlie, the best known crossing of the wall. The next stop of the day will be made on our way to Museum Island. We will walk through the Gendarmenmarkt, a public square enclosed with impressive architecture. After lunch we will explore any number of the five internationally significant museums on Museum Island as well as the Berlin Cathedral. Our evening will be spent scaling the Berliner Fernsehturm, the tallest structure in Western Europe with spectacular views of the city.


After an early start to our day we will take a 5 hour train ride through eastern Germany to Czechia. Once we have arrived in the heart of Prague we will explore Old Town Square. While in this area be sure to gaze upon the Church of Our Lady Tyn, as well as the Prague Astronomical Clock. As we continue our tour to the east we will cross the Charles Bridge, another 14th century masterpiece with spectacular views of the Vitava River. On our way to both the Prague Castle and the St. Vitus Cathedral be sure to stop by the Lennon Wall. Given enough time we can visit the Dancing House, Petrin Tower or Letna, three options for incredible views overlooking Prague. Tonight we will rest in Prague.


Today we’ll journey through the Czech Republic to the capital of Austria. Upon our arrival in Vienna will make our way to the Schonbrunn Palace and Gardens. After touring this Baroque style, 1,441 room masterpiece will be sure to explore the maze garden. Our next stop will be at the Palmenhaus. With over 4,500 species of plants this vast greenhouse is among the largest of its kind in the world. In the afternoon we will head to the other side of town to visit St. Stevens Cathedral as well as the Belvedere Palace. The symbol of Vienna, St. Stevens Cathedral is a medieval place of worship that houses crypts and catacombs as well as a treasury museum. Touring the Belvedere Palace should be equally as impressive. After touring both the upper and lower palaces we will explore the surrounding gardens and end our day with a typical Austrian dinner. With our bellies full of sauerkraut and dumplings we will rest in Vienna for the night.


Today we will be taking a day trip into the capital of Slovakia. After an hour long drive along the Danube River, through the Danube-Auen National Park, we will reach our destination. Bratislava is surrounded by the Little Carpathian Mountains as well as gorgeous vineyards. On our way into town we will stop by Devin’s Castle. Next we will make our way to the Old Town of Bratislava. After lunch we will make sure to visit the Slavin War Memorial, Michael’s Gate, Primatial Palace, Duck’s Fountain and the Blue Church. Before heading back to Vienna for the night we will check out the UFO Bridge. 85 meters above ground, the UFO Observation Deck offers spectacular views of the city.


After our 2.5 hours train ride through northern Austria we will reach Salzburg. This town offers a wide variety of tourist activities. For those who may be interested there will be the opportunity to view the original film locations of the Sound of Music as well as the birthplace and museum of Mozart. For others, the Salzburg Fortress, one of Salzburg’s most iconic landmarks, provides tourists with an extraordinary view of the Alps as well as the city. In the evening we will stroll through the quaint streets of Salzburger Altstadt, Old Town Salzburg. If time permits there is also a renaissance palace south of town, Schloss Hellbrunn, that is known for its novelty fountains and pleasure gardens. Nestled in between the Alps and the Salzach River, Salzburg is a fairy tale.


Making our way back into Deutschland we will stop in Berchtesgaden. Tucked away in the Bavarian Alps, on the outskirts of town we will visit Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest, Kehlsteinhaus. Adolf’s former mountain-top base offers spectacular views and delicious food. While in this area we will have the opportunity to walk along the Mannlgrat ridge which is considered to be the easiest way to reach Hoher Göll’s summit. After lunch, if time permits we will explore the Salt Mines in town or the Berchtesgaden National Park. Dressed as miners we will hop aboard a trolly that will takes us back in time to discover the history of the mines. On the other hand the National Park offers incredible views of Lake Konigssee, one of the most pristine lakes in Germany. With its blue waters and green backdrop, Lake Konigssee will sure to be one of the most memorable views on this trip. That afternoon we will enjoy a scenic drive to Fussen in a private car.


Today will be dedicated to the Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau Castles. Only an 8 minute car ride from downtown Fussen we will make our way to the castles after breakfast. First we will explore Neuschwanstein. This 19th century romanesque revival palace was built upon a hill in southwest Bavaria as a hideaway for a reclusive king. Its neighboring castle, Hohenschwangau was built years before by the father of the aforementioned king. Talk about competition between family members, needless to say the son won that battle. In the afternoon we will take the 2 hour drive up to Munich where we will rest for the night.


Before lunch we will visit Dachau, a Nazi Concentration camp that was responsible for the imprisonment of around 200,000 people. After a sobering tour of Dachau we will make out way back into Munich to explore old town. As the capital of Bavaria there is enough here to keep us busy for more than an afternoon. Marienplatz, or the heart of old town, contains many historical landmarks. With that being said we will be sure to visit St. Peter’s church, Munich’s oldest church as well as Frauenkirche, a gothic church that is infamous for its Devil’s Footprint. The Munich Residenz is also a must see due to its art collections and treasury room. In the evening we may decide to continue touring the many sites of old town or head north to the English Garden for spectacular sunset over this urban park. While in Bavaria it is crucial that we try a local Breze, also called a soft pretzel. Kässpätzle is another local delicacy. Found somewhere between pasta and dumplings, Spätzle is made by dropping soft dough into boiling water. These staples will be found all over town as they are traditionally found in southern Germany. Tonight will be spent in Munich.


After getting an early start to our day, we will leave Bavaria behind us and work our way to Freiburg. Along the way we will make a couple pit stops to get out and stretch our legs. Our first stop will be made in Augsburg, Germany’s third oldest city. Keep your eyes peeled for Augsburg’s city hall and the Perlach tower. Both iconic buildings in the Augsburg landscape. Next we will drive through Ulm, a town rich in history due to the fact that it was founded in 850 and was formerly considered a free imperial city. Sometime in the afternoon we will arrive in Freiburg, a town known for its medieval old town and temperate climates.


Freiburg will serve as our gateway into the Black Forest. As we head north to Heidelberg for the night we will stop in Baden Baden. For those who may be interested there will be the opportunity to summit ​Merkur Mountain by way of funicular. The summit provides fascinating views of the Baden Baden basin and overlooks the Black Forest as well as local ruins. ​Lichtentaler Allee is another attraction in Baden Baden that should be well explored. The beauty in this park is magnificent.


​The next 48 hours will be spent in the Rhine Valley. The castles, historic towns and vineyards all along the Rhine River should keep us busy indefinitely. We will make sure to seek out the Worms Cathedral in Worms. Just wait until you see this cathedral’s alter!
Known for its medieval old town and half-timbered houses, Mainz is a historic town in this area. The Palatinate Forest is another must see. Located near the French boarder this forest contains magical natural landscapes as well as ruins from the 1200s.


The first half of our day will be spent in Heidelberg. Heidelberg’s old town lays adjacent to the Neckar River. Here we will tour the Heidelberg Castle and the Church of the Holy Spirit. Before we end our visit in this historic university town we will be sure to check out King’s Throne. The view from this mountain summit overlooks Heidelberg and the Neckar River. The second half of the day will be spent exploring some of the many attractions of the Rheintal that we didn’t have time for the day before. In the evening we will head to Frankfurt for the night but will first enjoy a German dinner in Rathaus.


In the morning we will look into local attractions including the Frankfurt Cathedral, ​Römer, and the ​Staedel Museum. Sometime before lunch we will begin the drive towards Nuremberg. At about the halfway point we will stop in Würzburg, Bavaria. While in Würzburg we will tour both the ​Würzburg Residence and ​Marienberg Fortress. Built in the 1700s this Baroque style ‘residence’ has been a world heritage UNESCO site since 1981. The Marienberg Fortress has also been reconstructed due to WWII and now houses two museums. In the afternoon we will continue our drive into Nuremberg where we will stop for the night. As Bavaria’s second largest city Nuremburg was also a former Free Imperial City. While we are there we might as well tour its castle, ​Kaiserburg Nurnberg, as well as ​St. Sebaldus Church. If time permits the ​Schöner Brunnen and ​Ehekarussell are both iconic water fountains downtown that shouldn’t go unseen.


Leaving early in the morning, we will begin our trek back to Berlin. On our way to the capital we will stop in Leipzig. Home to the Monument of the Battle of the Nations, a 91m-high memorial to the 1813 battle, Leipzig is a vibrant youthful city in the heart of Germany. After lunch we will hit the road one last time. Our final night in Deutschland will be spent in Berlin, feel free to use this time to go on your own walking tour and explore any sights we may have missed.


As you breathe in that German air one last time your personal guide will ensure safe and timely transfers from the hotel to the international airport.

Best of Germany & Austria

16 Days


  • All accommodations (2-3 star)
  • All meals
  • Transportation throughout tour
  • Airport transfers
  • Neuschwanstein Castle entrance fee
  • Dachau Concentration Camp entrance fee
  • Würzburg Residence entrance fee
  • Personal guide


  • International airfare (to and from Berlin Tegal Airport)
  • Entrance fees to museums and other attractions not listed in ‘Inclusions’
  • Personal items: Laundry, shopping, etc.
  • Traveler’s insurance.

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