Namche Bazaar

11,280 ft. / 3,438m

Center of civilization in the Khumbu region

Namche Bazaar often shocks travelers who have never been to the Khumbu region of Nepal. The experience goes something like this: you’re walking along a single track trail in the forest, deep in the Himalayan mountains, you turn a corner and boom, there it is, a massive, developed village with numerous three and four story buildings. It’s hard to swallow when what you’re looking for is the remote backcountry.

The ‘over developed’ village of Namche can come in handy, when you need it. It is here that you’ll be able to find good food; good last minute shopping for forgotten gear; souvenir shopping; and you can even go to the bank and withdraw money at a fully functioning ATM.

Good medical care: Namche hospital

Another great perk to Namche’s civilized status is access to good health care at the local hospital. Western medicine can be found here, but at a price. You’ll need to pay $50.00 just to see a doctor, that price does not include any medications or medical procedures. However, when you’re in need, it’s worth the price.

Local population: education and jobs

Namche serves as a center for the entire Khumbu region’s educational needs. Children from far away villages come here to receive education. There is a good school here with good facilities. There is even a community library, which serves to educate the local population.

Namche also employs countless Sherpas who would otherwise work in the fields of family farms. The many hotels and restaurants provide great opportunities for the local population to mingle with English speaking tourists. Learning English propels the advancement of this population.

Sagarmatha National Park Headquarters

Military Headquarters

Namche Monastery


Khumjung monastery and the head of yeti.


Hospital and airport

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