Chitwan National Park

Bengal tigers, wild rhinoceroses, lurking crocodiles, countless wild birds, and a chance to ride and wash an elephant. These are the once-in-a-lifetime experiences you may have when you visit Chitwan National Park.

Oftentimes the lowlands of Nepal are overlooked or forgotten due to Mt. Everest’s looming shadow of fame; but they shouldn’t be. Adventure is to be had in these lands of wild animals and thick forests.

Whether it’s a jungle safari on the back of an elephant, exotic bird watching, or slowly riding down a calm crocodile-infested river, Chitwan National Park will not disappoint.

Check out the short descriptions below to find out if a visit to Chitwan National Park is for you.

Jungle Safari on the Back of an Elephant

Riding on the back of an elephant looking for wild rhinoceros sounds like a scene out of book or a movie. Well, it happens everyday in Chitwan National Park.

The Chitwan National Park guides work together to comb the forest for wild rhinoceros, bengal tigers, wild monkeys, and the occasional leopard. When one guide spots a rhino they call the others to come. It is a harmless hunt that inspires all to take better care of both land and animals.

These large animals love to go for walks. They love pushing over trees and crossing rivers. Come join them as they take their walk through the jungle.

Ride and Wash an Elephant in the Narayani River

It’s a unique experience to ride an elephant, but to wash an elephant in a Nepali river, now that’s special.

Witnessing with your own eyes the elephants in their natural element opens your eyes to the playfulness and personality of these large animals. Taking the opportunity to interact with them is a once in a lifetime experience.

You won’t regret the chance to get wet, swim in the river, and play with these large friends.


Chitwan’s Elephant Breeding Center

Have you ever wanted to pet a baby elephant? You may get the chance at this unique site.

Professional elephant breeders work around the clock to provide first-rate care for these gentle giants.

Come witness with your own eyes the beauty of a baby elephant.

Ride in a Dugout Canoe amongst Crocodiles

Although riding in a dugout canoe on a crocodile-infested river sounds outrageously dangerous, it’s actually quite safe. Chitwan National Park guides and park rangers know the river very well. They know the animals very well. If you listen to them carefully, you could have an experience of a lifetime.

As you slowly coast down river you will have the chance to listen to your guide talk about the original peoples who first carved the dugout canoes. You will have the chance to learn about the crocodiles, fish, birds, and plants.

Jungle Safari on the Back of a Jeep

Have you ever wanted to see a bengal tiger with your own eyes? Have you ever wanted to see both black and white rhinoceros in the wild, on the same day?

This is your chance.

Amongst the chance encounters of large fauna like tigers, leopards, and rhinos, there are countless exotic birds to spot and wild monkeys to track in the trees.

Learn about Gharials and other Crocodiles

Visit the Gharial Conservation Breeding Center to learn more about these wild and misunderstood animals. They are mysterious and unique. Their snouts are fascinating; their teeth protruding.

These extremely rare breeds of crocodiles have been monitored and bred in order to get their numbers back to a healthy high.  The Chitwan National Park’s breeding program has helped this effort.

Come listen and learn about these interesting creatures from native Nepali field biologists. Walk about the various compounds and get a chance to see the gharials’ growth as it’s studied over time.

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