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Just completed my 3rd tour with Volant Travel (Switzerland, Iceland, Peru) led by owner-operator John Froerer. Again, I was impressed by John’s attention to detail and resposiveness to clients needs. He is knowledgeable and professional. His tours are “top of the line” in every way.

B. T. – Washington

  • Haute Route, Switzerland
  • Laugavegur Trek & Best of Iceland
  • Salkantay Trek & Amazon Basin, Peru
The Volant Travel Best of Croatia Tour provided delightful surprises every day. These varied from medieval ruins, architecture, and old towns in the center of modern cities to national parks and natural wonders and movie locations for Game of Thrones.

Accommodations were excellent: centrally located, gracious service, large comfortable rooms, great food, and in Split even included a section of the wall of Diocletian’s medieval palace. Many included dinners were in 1st class restaurants featuring local specialties.

Touring events varied from archeological sites to castle ruins, sacred worship buildings and services, old town markets and historical sites, museums, viewpoints walking/hiking in national parks, ferry ride, and still allowing time for free exploring and shopping.

The Volant guide, John Froerer, is knowledgeable, efficient, and organized, and arranged for local guides when appropriate for in-depth expertise and opportunity to know more about local people and their life experiences.

I highly recommend this tour to experience not only Croatia but also Slovenia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is an exotic, historical and varied part of the world and this tour provides a safe and comfortable way to experience a lot in a condensed time. My favorite days were every day, especially Ljubljana, Split, and Hvar National Park.

C. D. – Utah

  • Best of the Balkans
“Trekking in the Himalayas is a huge task. Volant, and it’s owner John, were up to the challenge. John has experience in the Himalayas, knows the trails, knows the guest houses, knows the medical and rescue personnel, and knows the system. This was a great comfort when one of our companions became ill and had to be evacuated from the mountains by helicopter. John handled all the arrangements quickly and our companion was taken to an excellent clinic in Kathmandu. John kept tabs on our companion’s condition while we continued trekking to the top of the world. John was also encouraging, helpful, and informative. He pointed out the cultural significance of what we saw, educated us, and delighted us with conversation and interest. It was an excellent adventure that was greatly enhanced by John and Volant.”

R. P. – Utah

  • Everest Base Camp, Nepal
  • Chitwan National Park, Nepal
“We just returned from the trip of a lifetime — Annapurna Base Camp — with Volant Travel. John’s guiding expertise and his superior knowledge of Nepal set us up with the ideal itinerary, and his can-do, make-it-work approach ensured the trip was a success by all measures. We were looking for a guide who had on-the-ground experience in the Himalayas and who could advise us culturally — what luck that we were referred to Volant Travel!”

V. R. – California

  • Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal
“John is one of the most inspiring guides that I been with on many trips around the world. I was recently on a trip John led on the Haute Route in Switzerland. He truly cares about the interests of the traveler and has great knowledge about the country and landscape. I enjoyed our conversations comparing experiences in other parts of the world. He encouraged me to continue exploring places that most people would never think to go.”

R. S. – California

  • Haute Route, Switzerland
“Swiss alps for two weeks. Absolutely wonderful experience. Highest recommendation!”

P. B. – Kansas

  • Haute Route, Switzerland
“Travelled with Volant in Nepal, it was awesome! Highly recommended! professional, informative, and really fun! John knew all the cool stuff to see and do, and his Nepali partners got us the best deals! Will definitely use Volant again!”

J. C. – Utah

  • Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal
  • Chitwan National Park, Nepal
“John Froerer was our tour guide for the 14-day America Westand 17-day America/Canadian East memorable scenic trips. He has shown his abilities and capabilities in carrying out his well-planned itinerary. All went on smoothly without a hitch. I enjoyed the trips very much in addition to his helpfulness, kindness and amazing knowledge. Join Volant Travel!!!”

Y. W. W. – Singapore

  • West Coast, USA
  • East Coast, USA
The Utah tour was a memorable experience of a lifetime. Its itinerary was well planned and skillfully executed. We were very well taken care of. We enjoyed every moment of the tour.”

T. S. – Singapore

  • Tour of Utah, USA
“The Tour of South America had a well balanced itinerary for trekking and sightseeing, on a ‘once in a life-time’ trip. This was due to having a capable, caring, and compassionate tour leader who not only guided, but handled a group of ‘elders’ in their sixties & seventies!

G. T. – Singapore

  • Tour of South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Panama, Peru)
“Our trip to Everest base camp was totally worth it. Having great weather also helped. Experience of a lifetime. One may wonder why not just go directly with a Nepalese trekking company. I checked a few online and, by the typos and the broken English, I got the impression of some lack of professionalism. I’d hate to also get a guide who cuts corners and makes the trip unsafe (yes, we witnessed somebody from another group being flown down because of altitude sickness, they had apparently skipped the acclimatization day). With John and the local guide he picked, we always felt we were in good hands. John also adds contingency days and we actually used one when the flight to Lukla was canceled due to bad weather. Both John and the local guide always went the extra mile to accommodate our needs and to make the trip a great experience. I can only recommend traveling with Volant.”

R. L. – Utah

  • Everest Base Camp, Nepal
“John’s patience and leadership shown through on our recent trip on the Haute Route in Switzerland. He does what he says and says what he does. What he says and does, is give his customers a great experience though epic scenery. No matter what skill level, no matter their station “back in the world,” John does his best to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves . He proactively addresses both any macro and micro issues before they become problems. Kudos!”

T. T. – Virginia

  • Haute Route, Switzerland
“My friends, relatives, my wife and I had a marvellous time in the United States for 30 days in May and June of 2016. The time was spent on two road trips, one on the western United Statesand the other in the east which included a sojourn in the major Canadian cities in Ontario and Quebec.
The road trips were very well conducted by our guide/friend John who did not hesitate to accommodate our requests with respect to  meals and some site visits which are generally not in the usual itineraries of most travel agencies. Visits to historical sites such as Plymouth in Massachusetts and Valley Forge were eye openers for many of us – these sites were quiet but alluring, with history unfolding before our eyes. And most of the time we were not  hurried to explore them, no, not like Alice who had to hurry after the Rabbit in Wonderland.
John did splendidly in conducting the tours.  Many of us look forward to participating in future travel with him.
L. W.  – Singapore
  • West Coast, USA
  • East Coast, USA

“Our 125 mile hiking trip through the Swiss Alps was the trip of a lifetime and I believe it all was thanks to John’s amazing knowledge, leadership, professionalism, and kindness. You can’t go wrong with choosing Volant for your trip.”

J. K. – Kansas

  • Haute Route, Switzerland

“Had an amazing and wonderful guide who truly opened my eyes to a whole new aspect of Europe. No words can truly describe this life changing trip. Switzerland was astonishing in every way: the scenary, the beautiful towns, and the people that we met along the way. Thanks Volant for putting together a great trip. Out of 5 stars, I would give them 7!”

J. D. – Kansas

  • Haute Route, Switzerland

“John was an extremely helpful and experienced guide. I traveled to Switzerland and hiked the Haute route with him and had a wonderful time. I can safely say that I will utilize Volant Travel in future endeavors as my experience with them has been greater than with any other travel agency. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

L. H. M. – Kansas

  • Haute Route, Switzerland

“My Utah trip was my most adventurous and one of the most enjoyable trips I have travelled. John planned and personally guided this whole trip for me and my buddies. The itinerary was well planned and covered most, if not all of the important scenic landscapes of Utah. We travelled comfortably, at our own pace, stopping at where and when we wish. John is very efficient and knowledgeable and made this trip so memorable. He is kind and helpful, taking good care of us for the whole trip and acted as our photographer too! I would not hesitate to recommend John’s services to my friends.
Thank you once again, John!”

D. H. P. C. – Singapore

  • Tour of Utah, USA
“I used this buisness to guide me through over 120 miles of hiking in the mountains of Switzerland and I have to say Volant Travel is extremely organized and efficient. John is extremely friendly and useful, there was never a time John didn’t know what to do. He was able to keep a group completely safe but also he made the trip 10x more fun and enjoyable then I ever thought possible if you are traveling I suggest using this company it is truly the best you can get.”

I. J. – Kansas

  • Haute Route, Switzerland

First of all, allow us to express in two words our entire feelings: Thank You! You have made this holiday for my wife and I one that we will treasure in memories of the wonderful places we visited to last a lifetime.

Secondly, we have been with other tours, but the care and attention we got, pale in comparison with what we receive from you. Your commitment to ensure that we get the best in terms of places we visit, lunch/dinner, and accommodations far exceeded our expections. For this we would have No hestitation to recommend your tour company to all our friends.

Thanks again John for a task well planned and executed.”

P. & W. C. – Singapore

  • West Coast, USA
  • East Coast, USA
“My wife & I went on a 31-day Road Trip of US West Coast + US-Canada East Coast with Volant in May/June this year. This trip took us to varied attractions from nature parks to historical parks/museums to touristic and famous cityscapes. The hotels, provided by Volant, were of high standard of cleanliness and comfort. John, who guided us, was very accommodating, caring, considerate and professional in executing his travel plan. We enjoyed his personalised service – always giving his best efforts to meet our requests. It was a pleasure and a treasured memory travelling with him. We would strongly recommend friends to travel with Volant.”

T. & C. S. – Singapore

  • West Coast, USA
  • East Coast, USA

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